Pastoral care programme

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Pastoral care programme

Many sex workers from Nairobi are Christians, but they rarely attend the services of traditional church congregations because their presence is not wanted by the vast majority of pastors. As a result of this “being outcasts”, they are also denied access to pastoral care and church services.

To compensate for this lack of services, the Sisters for Hope offer a trauma healing course. This is usually conducted in small groups at the SfH meeting centre in Nairobi; however, in special exceptional cases, a woman is also sent to trauma healing courses in partner institutions outside Nairobi.

Our pastoral care course not only serves to overcome trauma, but it is also meant to make the women feel again: I am a human being wanted by God, loved and endowed with an unutterable dignity. What pleases us most is to see how transformation can be seen inside the women, first of all in their dealings with their children.


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